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2015 will be remembered as one of the most complicated years in decades for the international travel sector. There was a dramatic change in economic and financial standings for those who worked in what is considered to be the non-essential goods industry. Many of our clients restructured their businesses and cut costs as must as possible. As a result, supply and service institutions were directly and deeply affected.

Amenity360 is pleased to announce that while we were affected, we turned it into a positive by listening to our clients. In order to keep their businesses going, they needed to partner with companies who could provide high quality goods at lower prices. In 2012, we decided to cut out the middlemen by extending our manufacturing and distributing of goods to our clients directly. The result was over a 30% surge in trade. In spite of a difficult trading climate. Amenity360 was able to expand in South East Asia and South America. Amenity360 has also become an approved supplier for Hilton International, Starwood Hotels and Carlson - Rezidor Hotels. Our company has become a true global supplier of travel amenities.

Aside from our hotel toiletry supplies, travel size toiletries and airline amenity kits, through client feedback, we have found that what they appreciate most about Amenity360 is our line of ecological hotel amenities. By offering environmentally conscious products to their customers, they have been able to improve their brand image, all the while even cutting their costs, in some cases by more than 60%.

Amenity360 is now recognized as one of the most attractive companies to work for in our industry. We strive to retain the best talent and foster pride in our company culture. We are also proud to announce that there has been a greater increase in interest from females who want to work in our field and who are rising in the ranks.

2016 started off on a great note and we have a positive outlook for what the future holds.

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