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Our production plant situated in Yangzhou, China obtained the GMP certification for production of hotel toiletries in 2009. This is a prestigious quality certification which nowadays, is absolutely essential for imports to international markets. We perform strict SGS safety assessments for each of our formulations . We are proud to inform you that these formulations are all fulfilling or surpassing all current requirements for imports to both the US and the EU markets as well as GCC and SASO. We also hold ISO9001-2008 and ISO14001 which is recognition of the standard of our manufacturing processes and the end products.




Our cosmetic laboratory is subject to strict quality control methods to ensure minimal mistakes and a perfected final formula. Several months of testing and work are undertaken to discover the most effective formula. The demand for quality is forever on-going and rising and we therefore have to adapt to these consumer needs For these reasons, we have on-going quality control for all our formulas. Testing and analysis are carried out in a detailed and controlled manner. On average the development of a fresh formula takes 10 months, with more than 45 trials and an average of 190 quality controls. A long and in-depth process that guarantees perfection and customer satisfaction.

Our production of ecological hotel amenities is guided by and controlled with strict guidelines and regulations which we are happy to share with any prospective clients who may be considering our products.

Our commitment to the environment is incorporated into our laboratories. We have taken a pledge to reduce the carbon emissions produced by our laboratories in an already very carbon aware country like China. We must play our part and conform to this. Environmental awareness is paramount to existence in this modern age. We encourage the use of carbon reducing methods and we have taken the steps to ensure this is a reality. We only use energy saving light bulbs in our laboratories, we have installed energy efficient appliances to reduce the energy consumption for the heating as well as reducing the risk to the environment by improving the quality of our waste water.

For us this is a big part of the operations of the company and we set out to always strive for the highest level of consumer safety as well as absolute reduction of the effects to the environment.

Caring for the environment will guarantee a long and happy existence on land and in the air. Customer satisfaction and safety are considered an integral part of our production process and the resultant end products. Without happy customers, we would cease to exist. 

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