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A note for Amenity360 suppliers, contractors, service providers and consultants: As a global entity in the travel industry, we at Amenity360 are very clear about our mission. We want to supply our customers with high quality, affordable and innovative hotel amenities and travel toiletries. With our unwavering standards, you will always be able to provide your guests with products that will parallel your high standards. We offer an extensive range of ecological items that, especially in today’s environmentally aware culture, your clients will definitely take notice of and appreciate.


When you form a relationship with Amenity360, you will be happy to know that it will be a long-lasting partnership that is based on trust. We like to think of ourselves as an completely transparent. You will always know exactly how we operate. After all, we have nothing to hide from you. In addition, we have our own manufacturing plant and in-house design team to assist you every step of the way. This provides us the vehicle to monitor every aspect of your order closely. With our suppliers, contractors, service providers and consultants, our goal is to work together . By working together we are guaranteed a perfect solution to any problem or situation. This is the same environment that we foster with our staff. It is extremely important to us that our team works together effectively.. Everyone has a say and everyone’s voice is heard. Because we are in an incredibly competitive industry, we strive to be proactive thinkers in order to anticipate the needs of our consumers. With that said, we also strive to provide our clients with products that will exceed their expectations. Development and progression are of great importance to us and we endeavor to excel in these departments.


To apply to become an official Amenity 360 supplier, ‘Click here.’ We look forward to working with you. You will not fault us on products, quality or service and we will always strive to give you, our customer, 200% and nothing less. We are always available and actually request feedback from our customers in order to ensure all our standards are maintained at levels which we pride ourselves on. Transparency is a key factor in ensuring the bonds of trust strengthen from day to day.

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