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So what does it mean to source ethically?


Ethically sourced means that for all goods that we don’t manufacture on our own, or the raw material for the goods that we do produce, the supplier of it has to go through and pass an audit before we will commit to purchasing the product from that supplier.

There are two main issues that are checked are how the goods are manufactured (environment) and how the staff are treated.

This audit consists of a two day visit carried out by our own trained staff On this visit we check a wide range of factors. We check if the staff is treated well, health and safety issues, living conditions (if living on site), and contractual issues (working hours, wages, holidays etc.). In addition to this we check how waste water is being handled, if recycled materials are used when manufacturing (if suitable), if there is proper use of alternative energy (solar / wind power).

Training of the staff is very important with regards to all of the above issues. The audit carried out ensures that all the staff are properly trained and certified to carry out the duties that they are employed to perform.

The audits are conducted annually to ensure that the standards are maintained at all times.

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