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Production Capabilities




We are not the biggest manufacturer of hotel toiletries in the world, however we would like to believe we are one of the best. Most importantly we are one of the best when it comes to high production numbers while still maintaining high qualities and customer satisfaction.

See below for our current maximum production capacities per category / day: 
LIQUIDS - 430.000 units / 24h (shampoo/shower gel/body lotion etc.)
CAKE PRODUCTS - 280.000 units / 24h (soap/lip balm etc.)
PLASTIC ACCESSORIES - 400.000 units / 24h (combs, toothbrushes etc.)
SLIPPERS - 35.000 units / 24h
PAPER BOXES - 180.000 units / 24h
PACKING - 35.000 bags / 24h (standard airline amenity kits)


Please note that this is OUR OWN capacity, we can also, if specifically requested by clients, sub contract to a selected few partner factories and extend those numbers further, where large orders are required.

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