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We are a fully certified manufacturer of hotel toiletries fulfilling or superseding all current international requirements for manufacturing hotel toiletries.


 We hold GMP certificate for manufacturing of cosmetics to use as hotel toiletries

 We hold ISO 9001 - 2008 certificate for our manufacturing process.

 We hold ISO 14001 certificate for our environmental work when manufacturing the hotel toiletries.

 We follow strict ethical trading guidelines when manufacturing which involves anything from manufacturing processes to human resources and safety

We have all our manufacturing facilities within our own compound. A visit by a prospective customer is easy and convenient and we are able to show all that there is to see within the confines of one compound. There is no need to travel all over town from site to site in order to view and sample our products and processes. You will be able to make the trip to our facilities and spend a day exploring our wonderful operation rather than being carted from place to place. A day like that would result in very little actually being seen.

Convenience is the main factor here. We like to keep our customers up to date with new products but we also encourage them to visit our facilities and see for themselves what a well organized and efficient our operation really is. True professionalism at it’s best.

We currently manufacture the following hotel toiletries ourselves, within our facilities:

 Cosmetics liquids (shampoo, shower gel etc.)
 Cosmetic cake products (soap, lip balmetc.)
 Plastic accessories (combs, toothbrushes)
 Hotel slippers
 Paper boxes (to use for packaging of the amenity sets).

We have our own in-house laboratory with trained chemists and more than 15 staff who are solely dedicated to quality control. This is in addition to our line supervisors who are also individually responsible for all goods leaving their production lines. Products that leave our production facilities are of high standards and the rigorous quality procedures and checks ensure that the instance of a faulty products slipping through are very rare and seldom occurs.

You can purchase from us with confidence. You can rest assured our hotel toiletries have been manufactured the right way All aspects have been covered in their entirety, quality, environmental and ethics have all been taken into account and are considered very important to our operation and products.




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