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Human Resources



Providing our staff with equal opportunities and benefits while allowing them to blossom and contribute.

Assuming responsibility only has real meaning if the people acting on behalf of AMENITY360 around

the world follow suit.

Employees are the key asset to any organization. We, as a future-minded company, demonstrate our

sense of responsibility towards our colleagues by providing training and

further education, promotion possibilities and offering social services.

This is all part of our ethical trade program The only aim of this program being to produce ethically

producedand manufactured hotel amenities, taking into account human resources, environment and

social responsibility

This includes a policy of ongoing human resource development designed to identify and strategically

promote the strengths and potential of individual employees. AMENITY360 offers flexible family

support programs enabling working parents to pursue careers while raising children.

We also promote measures designed to keep our staff healthy and happy. Nutritionally balanced menus

in the company cafeterias and an advisory service on work-life balancing are just two of the many

benefits available to our employees every single day.

Delegating responsibility is just as important as assuming it. We believe that each of our employees is

capable of great things. We offer an environment where they can be part of a highly motivated team

which combines multiple disciplines. Openness is the core component of our corporate culture.

Company management pledges to be open towards the workforce and expects employees, regardless

of their post or position , to reciprocate in kind. Transparency is necessary if the business is to thrive.

Taking care of our employees ensures that they are happy and comfortable enough to voice their ideas,

opinions or even problematic issues without fear of being reprimanded. Every employee has valuable

input to give and it is always welcomed and considered. Encouragement and praise are given freely

when required and deserved.

Happy employees result in production of good, high quality products.

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