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The expression Hotel Toiletries is very broad and can refer to a variety of different things, however, in our sector, it refers to the disposable items that you will find in your hotel room at the time that you check-in. Hotel soaps, travel sized toothpaste (Oral Hygiene) or the small tubes of shampoo that adorn the rooms are signature items for hotels and great care should be taken when selecting the perfect items to trademark the hotel facility.

What makes our hotel toiletries different and unique is the design and the quality we offer. We have our own designers who create truly unique products and packaging which are the perfect trademark and signature brand for any home.


So what should you think about when deciding on what toiletries would best suit your hotel?


1. The most important thing has to be product safety. Your guests need to feel assured that the products you supply, are not harmful to them in any way, taking into account various allergens. Remember you will have numerous visitors and not all your guests will be exactly the same. Your guests will come from a variety of backgrounds and ethnic groups and each will have their own tastes and of course medical histories.

2. The second should be the design. Is this product going to look attractive enough to give your clients the “wow factor”? In the end, you are spending your hard earned money for the product, so why should you get something that just looks mediocre and a repetitive version of what every other hotel has. The design doesn’t cost money for us manufacturers so you should only get something that you are truly satisfied with, something that makes you stand out from the crowd and something that you as a hotelier can be proud to present to your guests. These items trademark your hotel so the signature brand you choose should really portray the mood and ambiance of the hotel.

3. Environment, ecological hotel toiletries are probably the fastest growing segment right now, while regular products are raising a healthy 20% per year, the ecological hotel toiletries options are currently growing at a rate of 450%. This is due to the guests being more demanding, but also more willing to try the green alternatives. Who would have thought 10 years ago that clients would be willing to use the same towels more than once to help save the environment for example? With the ever changing climate and melting polar ice caps, people are becoming more conscious of their own personal effects on the environment and are that much more particular in selecting products that leave as little a footprint as possible.

4. Last but not least, we are unfortunately all working in an economy that leaves a lot to be desired. Price will always play a very important role in the toiletries selections you, as a hotelier, will make. Do your research and explore your options before committing to anything that you are not entirely satisfied with. Keep in mind though that the later you leave it the fewer options you will have. Quality products and affordable prices will be snapped up by other hoteliers in a flash, leaving you with little in the area of choice. Don’t be left behind, leaving yours with the choice of inferior products for a heftier price tag. Of course, research, explore and make a decision but don’t dilly dally with the latter. Your competitors certainly won’t.

We run our own operations and have our own manufacturing facilities, laboratories, quality control staff and procedures and logistics department ensuring that we have complete control of the process from the beginning to the end. This is what reassures you that quality will always be kept to a maximum and that your products will be manufactured, packaged and delivered in a specified time frame and to your complete satisfaction. 
Something that really sets us apart from other manufacturers is our service guarantee. We offer personalized service when it comes to designing your particular product and packaging so you are always guaranteed that your branding will be superior and meets your requirements and expectations. We keep you involved with the entire process and value your input and creative ideas. It is our job to make your vision a reality.
You can always feel safe and comfortable about purchasing your goods from Amenity360. Our hotel toiletries are fully certified no matter what market you are serving. We hold GMPC, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, our final products and our production processes fulfil and often supersede all major market requirements, such as EU Cosmetic Regulations, FDA, SASO and GCC requirements. You will be guaranteed of quality products each and every time you order.

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