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We have a great selection of hotel pens. This stretches from the basic short pencils to exclusive metallic hotel pens in gift boxes. Pens are something that every employee and guest will find extremely useful for day to day operation. Many people like to take a little keepsake home with them to add to their little box of memories and pens are convenient and useful. When the pen runs dry, keep it safe as a memento of your time at the hotel. Purchasing gifts for the family member and friends while on holiday is often expected. Space and funds could become an issue when trying to please everyone. Purchase one of our wide selections of pens in gift boxes and gift the ones you love. Something practical, useful and functional for everybody.

We have categorized our hotel pens in 4 different categories please see below for clarifications.



We have a wide selection of plastic hotel pans, with different features such as twist/click mechanism and standard size/mini-pens to name but a few options. However what they all have in common is that they are of good quality and will represent your brand in a good way. Pens are easily customized to suit your requirements. Casing color, ink color, and even the print is easily customized. You don’t have to settle for anything less than what you want, the best.



This is a growing market segment with more and more of the end clients becoming environmentally aware. We have targeted and developed products in line with this and the results have been phenomenal. We offer a wide variety of ecological hotel pens which will definitely put your environmentally conscious traits on display. Lessen the degree of carbon footprint by your hotel and it’s users. Paper pens (casing made from recycled paper), plastic pens (casing made from corn starch), wood pens (with a casing made from the renewable wood material) are all wonderful options for those who enjoy and appreciate green living lifestyles. These pens are loaded with soy ink adding to their environmentally friendly appeal.



This is our "fun" section where your guest will be sure to remember their stay long afterward, every time they use these pens. We can offer both the standard options such as novelty hotel pens with lanyards, or for the more adventurous we also offer calendar pens (with a pullout calendar on the side or a discount voucher for a future stay), and bookmark pens (a flat pen made out of thin cardboard). Novelty pens are a great addition to any stationary collection and are sure to bring you hours of writing time while you reminisce about your fabulous stay at a wonderful hotel. Novelty pens also make excellent gifts for friends and family at home.



The top of the range selection of pens. These pens are in general made from wood or metal, and can come presented in either an exclusive gift box or an elegant sleeve. High quality and long lasting are trademarked qualities of premium hotel pens. Guarantee your guests will have their stay with you on the forefront of their minds every time they use the pen. Premium hotel pens are just what they sound like, superior in quality and durability and long lasting for hours of writing pleasure.


Pens are a fantastic way of promoting and marketing your hotel.  Guests travel from all corners of the country and sometimes the globe to take up residence in your hotel, even if only for a short visit. They eventually do return from whence they came and with your pen in hand, they are a marketing tool to get your hotel’s name out into areas you probably would never think of. Take full advantage of this tool and customize you pen designs to properly market your hotel. Branding, packaging, quality, color are all great ways to showcase what your hotel has to offer.



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