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Amnesty 360 was founded in 2001 and started up with little investment. The founders of the company had a vision and took advantage of the opening in the market. We became one of the first Western companies to seek suppliers to the north of China. We were also one of the first companies worldwide, at the time, to start to develop an ethical policy.


In 2003, our first manufacturing plant opened in China. This plant was acquired as an ongoing business which was already set up and ready to continue operations. Our roots have always been extremely important to us and we remain loyal to where we came from.
2003 saw us doing research into the perfect location to set up our first sales office. We settled on Thailand for a number of feasible options. Location, ethics and culture, and the fact that they already had a previous knowledge of business operations in the country. Thailand, at the time, had an economy that was growing from strength to strength every day and this was perfect for the vision we had planned.
2007 was the year our company decided to take advantage of an opportunity of an opportunity that arose in Columbia, Latin America. Columbia was, at the time, one of the companies that did not feel the effects of the global economy crash, as much as other places. For the company, this was an opportunity for the company that could not missed. Our sales in this region will continue to grow and prosper as a company.
Two more offices followed in 2007, located in Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro.
Our ethical policy was completed in 2008 and implementation was in full swing. Every issue is covered under this umbrella, environmental issues, work conditions and social responsibility.
In 2010 we opened a sales office in Folkestone, United Kingdom. Although risky for the company due to the state of the economy, the business operations in the United Kingdom were known for their stability and regulations. This was the perfect environment in which our company could thrive and flourish.
Spain was our next port of call in 2011. Our respectable reputation grew from strength to strength in a short time. Our expansion has spread rapid throughout the South West Empire from this stage and continues to do so every year. 
Our first steps into mainland Africa were taken with the opening of our Morocco office.
In 2012, we purchased the land for our new state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Thailand. This plant will be up and running at full capacity in 2016. Covering 40,000m2 of manufacturing and warehouse space, this certainly is state-or-the-art at it’s best.
Hong Kong welcomed the arrival of our sales office and added further to the diversity of Amenity360 in 2013. This allowed us to gather a greater understanding of the Asian amenities market and to open doors to new opportunities and clients.
In 2014, we conquered Portugal. Our sales office was opened, firmly establishing us in the area and promising our company bigger and better things within our chosen amenities market.
Jiangsu province of China was the location for our first regional independent sales office. With business growing and expansion at the forefront of our plan, Shanghai and Guangzhou were also in the pipeline.
In 2015 we completion of the first stage of our manufacturing plant in Thailand is expected and is running on schedule as planned. Further expansion is on the cards and we will also open new sales offices and distribution centers in UAE, France, Greece, Italy, Panama, Dominican Republic, South Africa and Mauritius during the first half of the year.

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