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Providing products that have the least negative effect on the environment is extremely important and a necessity. As a global organization, we have a duty to safeguard the Earth’s natural resources . Amenity 360 is

well aware of the state of our environment and the factors that may cause further deterioration. We live as we learn. The priority of our production is not only to product safe,creative solutions, but also that both production and end product have as little negative effects as possible on the environment. The new administrative complex in Bangkok illustrates how we have put our environmental principles intopractice. Their “intelligent” architecture and building technology, including the double façade which usesthermal lift to promote natural ventilation, help to minimize energy requirements. Cooling ceilings serve NTas environmentally friendly air conditioners, while state-of the-art solar panels meet a substantial part of the buildings energy needs.

Our ecological hotel amenities are well known throughout the world due to their innovative solutions and great designs. We are being creative with the use of material, focusing on recycled, renewable or biodegradable products.

Examples of this are:

- Offering the option of using additives in our cosmetic tubes to make them biodegradable

- Using recycled material in our ecological airline amenity kits

- Using starch in our biodegradable lines of plastic accessories




Logistics is another area of Amenity360 activities with ecological implications. Precision planning and smooth processes enable us to avoid redundancy when moving merchandise and materials, and thus enabling us to save energy and reduce air pollution and keep them to a minimum. We prioritize technically advanced forms of transport that reduce the impact on the environment. We ship merchandise by sea rather than air whenever viable.

At our distribution centers around the world, we harness environmental technologies such as long-lifelight bulbs, that require less power to function. The materials, paints and finishes used in our offices contain no solvents or contaminants, and comply with our stringent ecological standards.


At Amenity360, ecological hotel amenities is exactly that.... -ECOLOGICAL HOTEL AMENITIES!

There are no half measures taken where the environment is concerned. We take the matter very seriously and offer items labeled as ecological that are in fact ecological. We care for our customers and the environment in which we all live together. Protecting the environment is protecting our heritage and ensuring that our children and grandchildren and our future are protected.


Amenity 360 is a company that really cares. We care about our employees, our clients and our environment.

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