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Amenity360 understands the value of living green and appreciate that  today’s travellers are more environmentally aware than they were in previous years. A commitment to living green has become the norm in recent years due to global warming and climate change. In addition to our hotel toiletries, airline amenity kits (Airline Amenity Kits) and travel size toiletries, we also offer ecological and environmentally friendly hotel amenities. By offering the Amenity360 Green Label collection to your guests, you are reducing the long-term negative effects to our environment. Your guests will truly appreciate your commitment to reducing the carbon footprint on the environment. The Green Label is proof that you care enough to take go the extra mile. Our environmentally friendly products are designed and manufactured exclusively for our company and will give your guests that extra peace of mind that the products have passed out rigorous safety and quality testing.



  • • Produced using an environmentally friendly process
  • • Package contents and packaging are fully biodegradable.
  • • The ecological plastic products can be recycled back into nature because the plastics contain safe & organic additives, which allow for a microbial breakdown.
  • • Products are printed with 100% soy ink
  • • Soaps are vegetable based and with packaging based on recycled material, there is really no part of the product that is harmful to the environment.
  • • Made from recycled or renewable raw material


Amenity360 have been supplying environmentally friendly labelled alternatives to standard products since 2002. Pioneers in the manufacture of ecological hotel amenities with a wealth of experience.  Experience results in knowledge and these two factors alone lead to perfection. Perfect products, perfect packaging and perfect service and all while saving the Earth on soap at a time. 

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