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Environmentally friendly amenities are a great product range to incorporate. Save the planet and show your customers you really do care. Amenity 360 has Scandinavian roots and values, and because of this, the environment has always been close to our hearts and at the forefront of our minds. This does not only apply to our end products, but also to the processes used to reach the end product. Airline amenity kits can be as “green” as you would like them to be. We are able to provide biodegradable liquids, bags made out of recycled materials and tooth brushes made out of renewable raw material. Our products are all aimed at leaving as small a carbon footprint as possible and preserving our Earth for years to come. How we produce the goods is of great importance. At Amenity360, we focus very much on the actual manufacturing process since this can affect the end result as much as the end product. We use solar panels to reduce the carbon footprint, our machinery is ecologically efficient and our purchasing team always aims to source goods locally. With all this and many other aspects taken into account, even our standard range of products can, in many cases, be better for the environment than our competitors products marketed as “Eco-Friendly”. Our aim at Amenity 360 is to produce and supply the highest quality, luxury brand products which are not detrimental to the health of the customers or harmful to the environment. What more could you ask for from the products you select? We use manufacturing process that are ISO 14001 certified. Our certifications are what give up peace of mind that the products we supply to you will be the best possible products you can purchase on the market today.

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