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  • Are you looking for a supplier to add to your existing distribution business?
  • Are you looking to expand your product line into amenities ?
  • Are your goods constantly delayed?
  • Are you paying too much?
  • Is the quality not what you or your guests are expecting?
  • Is your current supplier always available when you need them?
  • Do you always obtain the goods and services promised to you?



Amenity360 is one of the largest manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of travel amenities in the world. We maintain an efficient manufacturing process and supply chain that delivers your products, on time, undamaged and with a quality control procedure that complies with the strictest of guidelines. We offer all this at a very affordable price.

By cutting out the middlemen, we offer Asian factory prices for products made in a western managed and western standard facility that follows the strictest quality guidelines. Amenity360 guarantees high quality products every time. Our service is impeccable and our staff always ready to assist wherever they can. With Amenity360 you are involved in the entire process, should you require products or packaging to be customized. Your input is valued with the highest regard. You won’t find quality products at our affordable prices anywhere else. Products are always delivered on time and in perfect condition.

Make the right choice for your company and partner with Amenity360, our products and service will blow you away.



For Distributors Of Our Goods We Offer

Product Development Consultancy Services

Our team consists of a talented group of individuals who are focused on development and innovation. Our managers are available to provide design consultancy and expertise to our customers around the world, keeping you up to date with all our newest developments and keeping you involved in our processes.

Design and Product Development

Our team works together with in-house designers to create new, innovative and cost-effective solutions for each specific global client and traveler. We cater for individual needs of our individual clients and understand that the requirements for each may vary greatly.

Customer-Focused, Service-Minded and an Eye for Detail

We pride ourselves on the ability to offer our customers full support, from the very beginning with initial design to delivery of final product at the end of the line.. Customer satisfaction is of importance and our highest priority. Amenity360’s customer support team is available around the clock if you require additional information and feedback regarding your existing orders, impending deliveries, product inquiries and stock inquiries.

Production and Sourcing Services

Our factory in Asia offers in-house production of all our cosmetic toiletries and plastic accessories. We also have sourcing offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Bangkok which are able to locate whatever you may require and at the best prices and highest quality. We manage and work with a range of qualified and certified local production partners to ensure optimal quality and delivery performance. Our outstanding delivery performance and quality assurance record speaks for itself.

Supply Chain Management

We offer local storage facilities as well as worldwide shipping of your products to your doorstep. Multiple destination deliveries worldwide are no cause for concern and we are easily able to carry these out with little hassle or inconvenience and are able to offer the same standards and efficiency throughout..



Exclusive Rights Distributors Of Our Products Receive Additional Benefits.

Sales & Marketing Support

Our own marketing and sales team work in cooperation with your local teams to develop materials such as company profiles and presentation folders. You will also get full access to our standard corporate material. Our sales team are also available for both on site visits in your facilities and for video calls to support your day to day business and any special requests that may .


You will be integrated into to our website with direct contact details to your offices. We can also support direct access accounts for your premium clients, where we can create specific databases for your category A clients for online ordering/purchases. Local translations can also be organized so there is no room for error or problems in communicating effectively.


Amenity360 provides full access to the product database and CRM program where you can follow your own leads and orders, but also get help and feedback in real time from our experienced account managers. We allow you the opportunity to keep yourself informed every step of the way.

3D Designs

We offer personalized 3D designs in high resolution within a very short turnaround cycle. Our design team works wonders and really enjoy interactions with our clients to ensure complete satisfaction from you, the client.

Generous Sample Allowance for Stock Items

We offer unlimited (within reason) amounts of samples from our current stock products. Test products that you are considering adding to your selection and ensure that they are well received by your customers and guests before committing yourself. Visitor Facilities in Factory

We offer dedicated office space in our manufacturing plant for your clients if they want to do an on site pre-audit or supervise the actual production. Facilities includes fast IT connection, coffee/tea facilities, air-conditioning / heating, and daily pick-up / drop- off from hotels, railway stations or nearby airports. If required we can also offer meeting rooms and video call facilities.



Please see the matrix below for different options and their benefits.


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