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Why Certifications Are Important!


When a manufacturer is  properly certified, it instills confidence in both the end product and the manufacturing process, as well as the working conditions for the employees involved in manufacturing the quality items we provide. There used to be a time when buyers were happy if the supplier could just show some kind of ISO or a fairly recent SGS certificate. However that has now changed with both the buyers, and the end users being more aware of what is important - The well-being and safety of their customers and the environment. A valid certificate from a renowned third party company is something that will not only put you at ease, but is a fantastic marketing tool. People want to know what products they are being offered and they want to feel that they are doing their part for the environment and now, they can. ISO 9001 -2008 ISO 9001 is the "original" process certificate. ISO 14001 Certifies that the goods are being produced in a green environmentally sustainable way GMP (Cosmetics) GMP for cosmetics is now the standard bearer for manufacturing of hotel toiletries and other cosmetics. For many countries / regions such as EU, it is now lawfully necessary to show that the goods are being manufactured in compliance with GMP. Countries themselves want to display the fact that they are environmentally conscious and that they too are playing their role by supporting companies that are environmentally aware and proactive.

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