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Out of the products becoming regular occupants of hotel bathrooms in this modern age are plastic accessories. We are happy to say we are an actual manufacturer of most of the plastic accessories such as toothbrushes and combs. There are certain products that we don’t manufacture ourselves, such as bath sponges and shower caps. These are sourced from longstanding fully certified partners. Products are delivered to our facilities and checked for quality before being packaged and ready to be placed in the bathrooms. We do thorough safety and quality checks on all our products, whether we manufacture them or source them from our reputable suppliers. All products must meet our quality standards and safety standards. The guests are guaranteed the highest quality every time and with every item supplied for use.


We also supply a wide range of additional bathroom accessories which are not in the disposable range. Presentation trays, liquid, plastic bag dispensers and small furnishing are all part of our ever broadening range. 


We aim to be the hotelier’s first and last call for superior quality hotel products.


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