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For those who really cannot endure the long flights sitting up, airline bedding offers a degree of comfort while heading towards your destination.


At Amenity 360 we are able to offer duvets, pillows and foldable mattress pads for airlines. These come  in a variety of materials which range from feather to foam. 


Foldable Mattress Pads for Airlines 

We offer foldable mattress pads for airlines, made specifically with the comfort of your premium travelers in mind. These are lightweight foam mattress that are easy to stowaway during take-off and landing. We are able to adjust them to fit perfectly to any size or shape seat. These mattresses are perfect for long flights where your customers will often battle to stay comfortable while confined to their seats. The extra padding just gives that little personal touch and shows that you care about their comfort and pleasure during their trip.



Yes we do standard airline blankets, however for your more discerning travelers that ask for that bit of extra comfort in their airline bedding,  we offer solutions made from the finest raw materials. We can offer the duvets in any shape or color. The sky is the limit when it comes to design and creativity and we are here to cater to your every need. Our “ready” blankets are quickly and easily washed and ready for use again. We also offer options where only the duvet covers need to be washed and made ready for use again. Both options are quite convenient to use and will ensure the utmost comfort for your customers.



Pillows have become one of the featured items and definitely give airlines the edge when winning over customers. Previously, all that was on offer, no matter where you were seated in the cabin, was a standard sized white pillow with non-woven covering. However, nowadays the options are endless, with proper cotton / polyester cotton pillow covers, memory foam or feathers fillings. There are a wide variety of sizes and shapes and the uses are endless.



Give you customers that extra bit of comfort and luxury and have them lining up for their next flight. Going that extra mile will definitely ensure that your customers fly the extra mile with you. Customers love to feel like they are appreciated and cared about and there is no better way to show that than offer them a little homey luxury away from home. Long flights no longer need to be the literal pain in the neck of past times, comfy, soft, luxurious pillows are the way to go when wanting to ensure that your customers arrive at their destinations feeling refreshed, well rested and without aches and pains. Have your customers smiling from ear to ear when they say their goodbyes to your staff. 

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