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Flying is an adventure and should be enjoyed. Airline products as well as inflight products say so much about an airline. The products are used or taken home and once again advertising is key.


As one of the dominant forces globally when it comes to supplying in flight products, at Amenity360 we pride ourselves on many different aspects of our business.  High quality products, competitive prices and our great in-house design team are aspects which place us a head above our competitors. We are always striving to grow and improve on what we have to offer.


We are the main manufacturer of most of the goods in our airline amenity kits which allows us to provide premium products while still maintaining our affordable prices. Our own logistics team manages the full supply chain process from the movement of raw material until the goods are delivered to their final destination. This assures smooth, efficient and punctual delivery of our airline amenity kits.

We have now created a specialized team dedicated to working and focusing only on the in flight products, they are backed by the full support from our group, whose main aim is to focus on serving the airline sector only. 

The full range of in flight products available cover every possible aspect relating to comfort while in the air, with the satisfaction of the customer at the forefront. The in flight range is extremely vast and varied, offering kits, bags and accessories that are high quality and serve their purpose to perfection.

The range offers a wide selection of products for use in flight:


  • •  Airline Amenity Kits
  • •  Airline Toiletries
  • •  Airline Amenity Bags
  • •  Airline Blankets
  • •  Airline Beddings
  • •  Children's Amenity Kits
  • •  Ecological Airline Amenities
  • •  Inflight Accessories
  • •  Inflight Audio


We are able to offer a full selection of ecological amenity kits & in flight products. We adhere to strict ethical policies allowing you the customer, security and peace of mind in the knowledge that you are contributing to a greater cause. As an airline, you always need to keep you eye on publicity as this can either make or break you. Having ties with and supporting a company that prides itself on improving the environment and lessening the carbon footprint, is great publicity for any airline.


To find more detailed information about our airline amenity kits you can click here to go to our dedicated website for inflight products.


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