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Amenity360 is a global leader in the manufacturing of  fully certified hotel amenities, providing hotel toiletries, hotel bath and bed linens, cleaning products and room accessories to literally 1000’s of chains, independent hotels, railways and airlines in more than 60 countries. We have our own current representation in 27 of them. Our manufacturing and distribution capabilities allow us to deliver more than 12.000 high quality cost effective products. This unprecedented scope has established our organization as a one-stop provider of hotel amenities, making it easier than ever for you to find one source for all the products that you guests will ever need.

Convenience and great customer service in conjunction with our amazing, top of the range products has put us at the forefront of the industry.


We are GMP certified manufacturers of hotel toiletries, plastic accessories and hotel slippers.

In addition to this we supply the following additional items:

1. Hotel Bed Linens

2. Hotel Towels

3. Travel Sized Oral Care Products

4. Ready Airline Amenity Kits

5. In flight Audio

6. Room Accessories

And much, much more.... 

Our product range is extensive and we are certain to have what you are looking for. Just pick up the

phone and give us a call or drop us an email and one of our friendly customer service staff will get back

you as quickly as they can.


To find out more about our selection, download our catalogue, view our

website or just call your local Amenity360 office for more information!

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